Wine & Marijuana Pairing

Pairing Wine and Marijuana   In celebration of World Cannabis Week beginning April 19th we offer our best wine and pot pairing guide.   Taking place in North America is an evolution of […]

History of wine in America

A short history of wine in America.   American vineyards are hundreds of years old, but is still considered a newcomer in wine production. The number of North American wineries surpassed 9,000 in […]

Top Wine Brands in the U.S.

Top 10 Wine Brands in the U.S. 2016   While interest in wine among younger consumers appears to be at an all-time high, and brands are being forced to wake up to the […]

Parts of a Wine Glass

Parts of a Wine Glass The Stem – Allows you to hold your wine glass without the heat from your hands warming your wine, and without creating smudges on the bowl which will […]

Wine and Men’s Fitness

Top Five reasons men should drink wine   1. It’s good for your sex life   An Italian study showed that women who drank more than two glasses on a daily basis had […]

Bordeaux Wines

Bordeaux Wines, the best wines in the world.   Bordeaux remains the world’s most popular wine for many reasons, starting with the unique taste, character and style found in the wines. There is […]

Wine and Yoga

  After a night of twisting, stretching, sweating and meditating its time to reward yourself with a great bottle of wine. Practicing yoga tunes us into the subtle energy that flows in and […]

Vegan Food & Wine

Pairing Food and Wine for Vegan Diets.   Before you choose a wine to pair with your vegan dinner, it is important to take the time to understand how Vegan Wine is processed […]

Best Wines for BBQs

Best Wine Matches for BBQs Zinfandel – The go-to red wine for all sorts of smoky fare, the ripe, forward-fruit, black pepper spice and food-friendly structure of a fairly full-bodied California Zinfandel make […]

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