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April 1, 2018

Wine and Summer Dishes

Summer Wine Makes Me Feel Fine… Wine and BBQs Summer is almost here and what better way to enjoy this warm season than to organize a fun evening BBQ with family and great friends.   from: Food & Wine   […]
March 11, 2018


Sangria is a beverage, common in Spain and Portugal. It consists of red wine, chopped fruit, a sweetener, and a small amount of brandy. Fruits can be orange, lemon, lime, apple, peach, melon, berries, pineapple, grape, kiwi and mango Fresh […]
March 8, 2018

Interesting Wine Quotes…

“Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions and more tolerance.”   – Benjamin Franklin       “It sloweth age, it strengtheneth youth, it helpeth digestion, it abandoneth melancholie, it relisheth the heart, it lighteneth the mind, […]
March 6, 2018

Aging Wine when and how.

  Only 1% of the wine in the world is meant to be stored.   Aging or “cellaring” a wine means that you take a wine you have purchased and store it in a cool, dark place for a number […]
March 6, 2018

Wine and Yoga

After a night of twisting, stretching, sweating and meditating its time to reward yourself with a great bottle of wine. Practicing yoga tunes us into the subtle energy that flows in and around us — drinking a good wine just […]
February 28, 2018

What are Natural Wines?

What The Heck Is Natural Wine?   Recently you may have noticed an influx of natural wines showing up in stores, and on restaurant menus throughout the U.S. There’s a cult of natural wine lovers out there and its members […]