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September 8, 2017


    The Beaujolais region   Located at the southern end of Burgundy in Southeastern France. The majority of the wines made in Beaujolai
September 8, 2017

Cabernet vs. Merlot

  Cabernet Sauvignon vs. Merlot.  Two wines that share many similarities,  but are also extremely different.   For many wine drink
September 7, 2017

Cork vs. Screw Caps

We All Need Closure.   A young couple walks into a wine shop to purchase a bottle of wine for dinner. Will the type of bottle closure affect thei
September 6, 2017

Discover Rosé Wines

    Rosé Wines might be the most underrated wines in the world.   In France known as Rosé, Rosado in Portugal and Rosato in Italy, Ro
September 4, 2017

Fun Facts About Wine

  Cheers! Now that the nation’s millennials are all officially 21, they drink almost 1/2 the wine purchased in the U.S. this crowd of 79 millio
September 1, 2017

The Loire Valley

The Loire Valley is located in the middle stretch of the Loire River in central France. The area of the Loire Valley comprises about 800 square kilome
August 10, 2017

Wine in Songs

    Songs with Wine in their Lyrics   Music is just like wine. Each of us has very different tastes in what we like and dislike. The mu
July 28, 2017

Food and Wine Pairings

    Ten rules-of-thumb for food and wine pairing   1. Taking wine as a gift to a dinner party. Unless you have enough information as to
July 10, 2017

The 10 wine words you need to know.

  Why does the wine world seem so intimidating? The truth is that it shouldn’t be.   Here is a bit of advice for anyone interested in lear

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