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Wine and Yoga Classes

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1. It’s all about doing what feels good.
Yoga practice emphasizes focusing on what feels good for the body, learning how to enjoy wine contributes to the same process. Like yoga, wine is a practical education
– one must keep tasting in order to develop a palate and the ability to discern the avors and nuances of wine. A balanced, healthy, active lifestyle and enjoy the ner pleasures in life, like an amazing glass of wine.
Mindfullness: From that rst swirl of wine I use my senses in a similar way — from experiencing the aromas, to noticing how the wine begins to open up. I am fully
present in each moment.


2. There’s an opportunity for exploration.
Learn to enjoy everything about a good glass of wine. From the color and aroma, to the taste and mouth feel, and the way it compliments any meal. The process of choosing a bottle of wine for the evening is like choosing what style of yoga to practice during the day.


3. You feel connected to the energy of others.

One of the best ways to practice yoga is with a friend or loved one on the mat next to you. This is also the best way to enjoy wine! Practicing yoga alone is not the same as feeling connected to the energy of someone next to you.
Sharing in the enjoyment of a beautiful glass of wine with others only enhances the experience. To connect with others through the pleasures of life, be it yoga, wine, or amazing food, is to contribute positively to your own life and theirs.
4. A healthy lifestyle is established.
It’s well known that yoga helps foster a healthy lifestyle. From building strength to relinquishing stress, yoga can contribute to your wellness. There is plenty of research that indicates a glass of wine can contribute positively to your health. Studies have shown that drinking a glass of wine promotes longevity and is also good for your heart. Science also says that red wine consumption can help you lose weight. Everything in moderation helps contribute to your health, so practice yoga without going overboard and drink wine without doing so in excess and you’ll achieve a life well-balanced.
Yoga rst, hydrate second, enjoy food and wine third.
Warm up, stretching and breathing.
One hour yoga
Ten minute cool down and hydration.
Wine class begins
First, a short wine introduction, get to know the selected wines their characteristics, origin and history.
Tasting the first wine and food pairings
Second wine selection and food pairings
Third and final wine selection and socializing with your fellow attendees.
A mix of whites, reds, Old World and New World wines…

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