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Canned Wine, Really?


Drinking wine out of a can, are you serious...


What if you could simply open an individual can of wine just like opening your favorite can of soda or beer? Can Wine has arrived and it is becoming more popular each day.


According to Nielsen Canned wine sales have grown in recent years, with sales up 75 percent in 2015. While it's still a tiny fraction of the $15 billion U.S. wine market, canned wines are on the definitely on the upswing.


While it doesn't necessarily sound as glamorous as bottled wine, canned wine has several advantages, aluminum is a more sustainable and recyclable form of packaging than glass bottles and also a very cost-effective method of packaging wine.
Source: Can Science News

About a third of wine drinking millennials expect "quality" from wine in a can.
Millennials are changing the wine industry, they don't conform to the established rules. They warmed to wine in boxes, in kegs and now even wine oenophiles are coming over to this new phenomenon, "Wines in a Can".

Coppola Winery in Napa Valley was one of the first to try canned-wine with its 2004 release of Sofia, a sparkling blanc de blancs in a rose-colored can. They realized they could make a aluminum package very cool and extremely elegant. Canned wines are among several new, often eco-friendly packaging options that winemakers have been experimenting with since 2004. Gallup polling shows there’s been a generational shift away from beer in favor of wine. Part of this, is that Americans today are more health conscious.
During the 2014 Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Competition 17 medals were awarded to wines packaged in new slim cans.

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