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Wine & Longevity

Half a glass of wine a day can add five years to your life

Light long term consumption of all types - up to two glasses of beer or wine a day or two shots of spirits - extended life by around two extra years compared with abstention.
A 40-year study of almost 1,400 men found drinking a little alcohol regularly boosted longevity - with the biggest increase caused by wine.
Light long-term consumption of all types - up to two glasses of beer or wine a day or two shots of spirits - extended life by around two extra years compared with abstention.
The benefit was slightly less for those who drank more than this, according to the findings published online in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.
Men who drank only wine, and just under half a glass of it a day, lived around two-and-a-half years longer than those who drank beer and spirits - and almost five years longer than those who drank no alcohol at all.
The researchers said drinking wine was strongly associated with a lower risk of dying from heart disease, stroke and death from all causes.

Human nutritionist Dr Martinette Streppel, of Wageningen University in the Netherlands, said: "Those people who already consume alcoholic beverages should do so lightly - one to two glasses per day - and preferably drink wine.
"The cardio-protective effects of alcohol and wine only held up for light alcohol consumption in middle-aged men.
"Heavy alcohol consumption may cause accidents and diseases such as cancer and cirrhosis of the liver, even though this was not observed in our study.
"Since alcohol consumption can be addictive, starting to drink alcohol because of its positive health benefits is not advised."
Previous research has shown light to moderate alcohol intake is associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular death.
It remained unclear whether a specific beverage was linked with more benefit and whether the use of long-term alcohol consumption increased life expectancy.
So Dr Streppel and colleagues studied 1,373 Dutch men born between 1900 and 1920 who were surveyed in detail about alcohol consumption seven times over four decades, following them until death or until the final survey taken among survivors in 2000.
Drinking, smoking and dietary habits were analysed along with body mass index and the prevalence of heart attack, stroke, diabetes and cancer.
The researchers found alcohol intake of less than or equal to 20 grams per day - one glass of alcoholic beverage contains 10 grams of alcohol - compared to no alcohol intake was associated with a 36 percent lower risk of death from all causes.
When the researchers looked independently at wine consumption, the associated risk reduction was greater. Participants who drank an average of half a glass of wine a day over a long period had a 40 percent overall lower mortality rate and a 48 percent lower incidence of cardiovascular death compared to the non-wine drinkers.
Life expectancy was 3.8 years higher in those men who drank wine compared to those who did not drink alcoholic beverages.
Dr Streppel said: "Consumption patterns usually change during life. This enabled us to study the effects of long-term alcohol intake on mortality."
The researchers found the number of alcohol users nearly doubled from 45 percent in 1960 to 85 percent in the 2000 survey. The percentage of wine users increased during follow-up from 2 percent in 1960 to more than 40 percent among the survivors in 2000. Dr Streppel said a protective effect of light alcohol intake could be due to an increase in 'good' cholesterol, or to a reduction in blood clotting.
Furthermore, red wine consumption may have an additional health benefit because the polyphenolic compounds contained in wine have been seen in animals to stop the build up of fatty tissue in the arteries that can result in stroke or heart attack.
Dr Streppel said: "Our study showed long-term, light alcohol intake among middle-aged men was associated not only with lower cardiovascular and all-cause death risk, but also with longer life expectancy at age fifty.
"Furthermore, long-term light wine consumption is associated with a further protective effect when compared to that of light-to-moderate alcohol intake of other types."

Wine in Songs

Songs with Wine in their Lyrics

Music is just like wine. Each of us has very different tastes in what we like and dislike. The music that is great for one person can easily be bad for another people. So it’s always fun to see when wine is mentioned in song.


Here are some of the wine songs or song with wine lyrics.


A Taste of Honey by Tom Jones
“…honey, much sweeter than wine”


Babylon Sisters by Steely Dan
“Well jog with show folk on the sand
Drink kirschwasser from a shell”
Kirshwasser is a German cherry wine liqueur


Best of My Love by the Eagles
“wasting our time on cheap talk and wine, left us so little to give”


Big Shot by Billy Joel
“You had the Dom Perignon in your hand and the spoon up your nose”


Children’s Crusade by Sting
“History’s lessons drowned in red wine”


Daydream by Wave
“Sunshine, strawberry wine
a little taste of leather and lace ”


Don’t Know Why by Nora Jones
My heart is drenched in wine
But you’ll be on my mind


Drink to me only with Thine Eyes (traditional)
“Drink to me only with thine eyes,
And I’ll not ask for wine”


Dust on the Bottle by David Lee Murphy
“Some say good love, well it’s like a fine wine
It keeps getting better as the days go by”


Elvira by The Oak Ridge Boys
“Eyes that look like heaven, lips like sherry wine”


Get Down by Gilbert O’Sullivan
“…Once upon a time, I drank a little wine,
was as happy as could be…”


Half a Mile Away by Billy Joel
“Little Geo is a friend of mine
We get some money and we buy a cheap wine
Sit on the corner and have a holiday
Hide the bottle when the cop goes by”


Honky Cat by Elton John
“Living in the city ain’t where it’s at
It’s like trying to find gold in a silver mine
It’s like trying to drink whisky from a bottle of wine


Hotel California by the Eagles
“Please bring me my wine, he said ‘We haven’t had that spirit here since 1969′” … and “Pink Champagne on Ice ..”


Incense & Peppermints by Strawberry Alarm Clock
“Incense and peppermints and strawberry wine…”


Ironic by Alanis Morrisette
“it’s a black fly in your chardonnay”


Joy to the World by Three Dog Night
“Jeremiah was a bull frog.
Was a good friend of mine.
Never understood a single word he said,
but he always had some mighty fine wine.”


Killer Queen by Queen
“She keeps Moet et Chandon in a pretty cabinet”
(Moet et Chandon is a brand of Champagne)


Lady Marmalade by Christina Aguilera etc.
“boy drank all that magnolia wine”
“we drink wine with diamonds in the glass”


Livin’ La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin
“She never drinks the water, makes you order French Champagne”


Never Tear Us Apart by INXS
“If I hurt you, I’d make wine from your tears”


Scenes from an Italian Restaurant by Billy Joel
“Bottle of Red, Bottle of White”


A Little More Wine by Savory Brown


Alligator Wine by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins


A Steel Guitar and a Glass of Wine by Paul Anka


Bitter Wine by Bon Jovi
“Once you were my inspiration, but, that river’s run dry
What was once holy water, tastes like bitter wine”


Blood Red Wine by the Rolling Stones
“I got red blood, and I got blood red wine
Which I bring you, when the snow is heavy on the ground “


Bottle of Red Wine by Eric Clapton / Derek and the Dominos “Get up; get your man a bottle of red wine.
Get up; get your man a bottle of red wine.”


Bottle of Wine by Tom Paxton
“Times getting rough I ain’t got enough
To buy me a bottle of wine”


Champagne Supernova by Oasis
“Some day you will find me caught beneath the landslide
In a champagne supernova - A champagne supernova in the sky”


Cherry Red Wine by Jonny Lang


Days of Wine & Roses by Henry Mancini


Drinking Champagne by George Strait and Cal Smith


Drinking Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee by Jerry Lee Lewis and by Sticks McGhee


Elderberry Wine by Elton John


From The Vine Came the Grape The Gaylords


God of Wine by Third Eye Blind


Harvest Wine by Electric Flag


Heaven Was A Drink Of Wine by Merle Haggard


Honey and Wine by the Hollies


Honk Tonk Wine by Jerry Lee Lewis


I Buy the Wine by Merle Haggard


Kisses Sweeter than Wine by the Weavers


Lilac Wine by Nina Simon, also Jeff Buckley


Lips of Wine by Andy Williams


Little Ole Wine Drinking Me by Dean Martin


Me and My Wine by Def Leppard


Mexican Wine by Fountains of Wayne


Old Dogs, Children and Watermelon Wine by Tom T. Hall


Old Red Wine by The Who
“Old red wine, not worth a dime; we’ll have to finish it after crossing the line.”


Red Wine by Woody Guthrie


Red Wine & Whisky by Katrina & the Waves


Red, Red Wine by UB40, lyrics and melody by Neil Diamond
“Red, red wine it make me feel so fine ...”


Sangria Wine by Jerry Jeff Walker


Slow Wine by Tony Toni Toné


Sip of Wine by Barclay James


Sip the Wine by Rick Danko


Spill the Wine by War
“Spill the wine, and take that pearl ...” - Learn More about Spill the Wine


Strawberry Wine by Deana Carter or The Band


Strawberry Wine by the Dixie Chicks


Summer Wine by Nancy Sinatra or Deana Carter


Sweet Cherry Wine by Tommy James and the Shondells


Sweet Was the Wine by The Marcels


Sweet Wine by Cream


Two More Bottles of Wine by Delbert McClinton also Emmylou Harris
“my baby moved out and left me behind
But it’s all right ‘cause it’s midnight
and I got two more bottles of wine”


Unhand That Wine! by Lambert, Hendricks, and Ross


Warm Red Wine by Bob Wills


Wine by Electric Flag


Wine and Roses by John Fahey


Wine and Women by the Bee Gees


Wine Colored Roses by George Jones


Wine Do Yer Stuff by Commander Cody


Wine into Water by T. Graham Brown


Wine Me Up by Faron Young


Wine O’ Wine by West Side Wayne


Wine Song by Youngbloods


Wine Stained Lips by Catch 22


Wine, Wine, Wine by Champion Jack Dupree or Rick Shelton


Wine, Women an’ Song by Whitesnake
“I love wine, women an’ song”


Wine, Women and Song by Loretta Lynn


Wine Woogie by Marvin Phillips


The Wino and I Know by Jimmy Buffett


Yesterday’s Wine by Merle HaggardMusic with wine lyrics



A Little More Wine by Savory Brown


Alligator Wine by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins




The 10 wine words you need to know.


Why does the wine world seem so intimidating?
The truth is that it shouldn’t be.


Here is a bit of advice for anyone interested in learning about wine, don't be overwhelmed and think that you have to learn everything about wine to appreciate a great wine lifestyle. Wine comes in many different flavors and colors for you to enjoy, and don't get caught up in the details.

Here is a short list of the words that we think you should learn to better appreciate wine.

1. Appellation
One specific geographic area from which a wine is produced. It can refer to a region, such as Bordeaux or Burgundy in France, or to an even more tightly defined sub-region within, such as The Médoc in Bordeaux. A legally protected name for a wine region.

2. Aroma
Aroma is a singular, specific smell from a specific wine. The intensity and character of the aroma can be assessed with nearly any descriptive adjective. Usually refers to the particular smell of the grape variety. The word “bouquet” is usually restricted to describing the aroma of a cellar-aged bottled wine.

3. Bouquet
Near synonym for “aroma”. The scent of a wine that develops as it ages and matures. Bouquet is the more complex collective or composite of aromas in a wine, just as in the term applied to a collection of flowers. Sometimes call the ‘nose.’”

4. Breathing
To breathe is to let wine open up by interacting with air. When wine is poured into a wineglass, the mixture of air seems to release pent-up aromas which then become more pronounced.

5. Dry
The opposite of sweet wine. Dry is a relative word that indicates a wine that is not sweet.

6. Fermentation
Yeasts do a really useful job: they eat up sugar in grape juice and excrete alcohol. This is called fermentation, the process that occurs in barrels and tanks after grapes have been pressed and the sugar in the grape juice is converted into alcohol. This is what converts grape juice into wine!

7. Terroir
Is a French term that roughly translates to territory. Terroir refers to site-specific differences in wines that are caused by factors such as soil types, drainage, local microclimate and sun exposure. Includes geographic, geological, and other attributes that can affect an area of growth as small as a few square metres.

8. Varietal
A wine named after the single grape variety it was made from. This consumer-friendly practice began in earnest in the USA in the 1950s and is now so popular that the majority of wines from the new world now have the grape variety on the label.

Vintage is the year the grapes were picked or harvested (not bottled). This is the year that appears on the bottle.

10. Wine Voice
The most influencial wine web site on the planet, offering great wine advice, wine history and wines from around the world.

Read More about wine vocabulary >


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