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Thanksgiving Wine Pairings



Best Thanksgiving Wine Selections

Thanksgiving is all about great food, watching football and sharing the day with friends and family. Selecting a wine is simple, the best wine for your Thanksgiving Dinner is the wine you and your guests like best. Here we make the selection a bit easier by breaking down some of the classic pairings that are perfect for Thanksgiving Dinners.
Best Red Wines: Pinot Noir, Syrah and Zinfandel:
With red wines you are shooting for fairly tame tannins that will yield to and support the flavors of the food.
Best White Wines; Whites Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Gewürztraminer and Viognier:
With white wines the pairing priority is finding a wine with well-balanced acidity.

White Wines

Riesling wines are a great pick for pairing with Thanksgiving dinners. With flavors of apricot, honey, apple and a slight acidity give it a convincing advantage for pairing with sweet potatoes, turkey and herb-filled stuffing. Best selections are from Alsace, Germany and of course Washington State.
This food friendly white wine tends to have the aromatic gusto and spicy palate appeal that makes it a great choice for turkey and gravy, bringing out the best in both.
Sauvignon Blanc:
Known for its citrus flavors with slight mineral undertones, perfect for pairing with turkey and any kind of potatoes.
Pinot Grigio:
Capable of handling garlic, onions, herbs and flavorful, high-fat dishes, this wine is a natural for a festive and elaborate Thanksgiving Dinner.

Red Wine

Pinot Noir:
With earthy undertones of this wine pairs extremely well with the traditional flavors of turkey and stuffing.
A full bodied red complex wine with serious intensity, that maintains a balancing effect on many traditional side dishes. This is a great choice to accommodate spice, bitter and sweet flavors (think sweet potato pies).
The Syrah grape can handle the cornucopia of flavors in a traditional Thanksgiving meal. The natural peppery notes of Syrah will partner well with the herbs and both the white and dark turkey meat.
Beaujolais Nouveau:
Light, fruity wine, from the Gamay grape, this wine goes extremely well with turkey and all of the fixings. Released from France on the third Thursday of November, just in time for a Thanksgiving get together!

Champagne or Rose for the Holidays

Champagne brings elegance and easy food-pairing to any meals especially around the Holidays. Pairing very well with turkey and dressing, most desserts. Choose an "extra dry" Champagne – these offer a touch more fruit flavor than a “brut.”
As for rosé wines, choose a drier selection, these wines will be the most versatile for pairing with virtually any part of a Thanksgiving feast.
Wines that go great with Pumpkin and Pecan Pie
When it comes to wine and pie pairings - fortified wines are first in line.
Pairing port with pies is a pretty straightforward and goes beyond pumpkin and pecan pie.
Cream Sherry, has a nutty, sweet spice-filled character that enhances the flavors of pumpkin or pecan pies. Count on a late harvest Riesling to bring flavors of honey to a variety of desserts.


Relax and Enjoy the Party

Choosing a Thanksgiving Day wine is quite simple, choose a wine that your guests will enjoy. There are no rules, just plenty of options. Experiment and see what works best for you.

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