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Wine Voice International is a committed group of people and resources that are dedicated to wine and contributing to educating wine lovers and making learning about wine fun.



Our Target Markets:
Our primary market are young professionals, ages 25 to 45. Ready to make wine part of their social lifestyle. They are eager to learn new things, are sensitive to environmental concerns, and they are climbing the social ladder both professionally and personally and enjoy the good things life has to offer.
Learning about wine fits perfectly into their lifestyle.
Why this group?
• Millenials 21-35 the fastest growing wine consumer in the world.
• Women under 30 prefer wine to any other slchollic beverage.
• Young men are discovering knowing about wine serves them well either ordering dinner at a restuarant or entertaining clients during a social gathering.
• Professionals, people on the move who value time and convenience to bargin shopping.
• The Cook: Men and Women alike who enjoy cooking and entertaining, who are interested in learning how to pair wine with food recipes.
• People who enjoy learning about wine history and wine lifestyles.

Our philosophy is: “life is short, drink good wine.”

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