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February 28, 2018
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March 6, 2018

After a night of twisting, stretching, sweating and meditating its time to reward yourself with a great bottle of wine.

Practicing yoga tunes us into the subtle energy that flows in and around us — drinking a good wine just feels good.


In the spirit of Yoga rituals fine tuned over centuries, treat your mind and body to the benefits and enjoyment of a glass of wine, you will be doing your physical and mental health a favor. Wine is good for your heart, contains antitoxins and goes with many post Yoga snacks.


Make it a ritual. Get an ice bucket for your white wine (and rosé) and a decanter for the red, just like when practicing Yoga breathing is important, give your red wine a chance to take in air, in fact take a few deep breaths yourself before sipping. Pour your wine into clear glasses so you can enjoy its color and clarity.


Get to know a little about your wine, its ingredients and history. Discover wine from different countries and regions, and learn what gives each one its unique color, flavor and texture. Consider the generations of wisdom that are passed down through each harvest, savor every sip.


Take your time, enjoying how the wine feels in your mouth and the warmth as it slides down your throat, and your body will thank you for it.


Here are a few selections that we find fit with an after Yoga wine experience.


Zinfandel, pair with a crisp vegetable salad.
Chardonnay, pair with a sweet shell fish.
Pinot Grigio, pair with nuts and Asian dishes.


Merlot, pair with a cheddar cheese and tuna salads.
Chianti, pair with Italian bread and light pasta sauces.
Cabernet Sauvignon, pair with chocolate and shrimp cocktails.


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