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Wine Voice Editor Description

• Organize, edit, create and manage the posting of a large amount of non-exclusive and exclusive video content to the site.
• Lead video content development and manage the publishing of content across categories: Wines, Products, Store, News, Sports, Technology.....
• Keep the site current, ensuring prompt elimination of technical or content errors, or content that is out of date or no longer functional.
• Develop, plan and deliver impactful and topical homepage content that engages visitors and boosts traffic.
• Manage editorial calendar for the site - creating season-based videos and product packages, showcasing specific themes, topics and concepts.
• Take a big-picture approach to content, constantly coming up with new coverage ideas and initiatives.
• Provide creative leadership, often acting as the liaison between content programmer, content executive and sales team.
• Identify, recruit and integrate new potential contributors among the creative community in video.
• Work with the content acquisition team to obtain additional professional videos when appropriate to the coverage and packaging of content categories.


Overall description:
Wine Voice is looking for a Marketing Director to help grow its US audience and raise its brand awareness in US.

Drive and shape web marketing strategy, including building annual plan, with the flexibility for timely on the fly revisions. This includes:
• Plan and execute all SEM spending, including budgeting tracking and optimization against key metrics.
• Plan and execute email marketing strategy.
• Devise and execute partnerships/tactics to increase referrers and embedders (improving CTR from embedders).
• Drive consumer PR to improve brand awareness.
• Use key monitoring tools and provide web analytics to monitor audience on an ongoing basis.

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